About three months ago I attended An Amazon Web services event. It was a nice event. It was a very good event. Plus, we got to eat and later party like its 1999. And a month later I attended another event at in3 Howard. That’s when I saw the tech evangelist. She is one amazing speaker. She later showed us how to create a chat bot on AWS. I was impressed. I said to myself I can do that. This blog came form there. And the other day amid searching for jobs.

AWS deployment in short is a fancy way of saying we are learning a new and efficient also more importantly fun way of doing things. At least that what I would assume. A new technology comes in saves as tons of time, it is secure, but I still have some questions about that. Then there is the actual implementation, learning curve, business optimization etc. It requires a talent pool of its own.

A guy like me fits in there perfectly. It seems like you need the knowledge of just enough code. For some reason it is hard for a traditional engineering guy to get that. I for instance am still resistant to it.  I feel like anything between the squiggly brackets to be painful. It is a self-inflicted wound. It is complete lack of interest aws as a result.


AWS has a management console web portal.  Anyone can sign up for free, learn using the tutorials and then build. I still have a dragon boat app that is still in the works. I wonder if I can deploy this app and how long it would take me to do it. This blog will follow that format. I had already created an account before.

The first step is to sign in. The console page has all the services. It can be a bit overwhelming for a first time. After a bit of navigation, I found a tutorial on building a web app. It is a good start to sort of know what you are looking for and what you are building. I am a dragon on a dragon boat and I want that handy app to determine the optimal weight. Attached are some of my drawings. Insert picture of thinking pad.


I chose to build a web app. Next, I entered build a serverless mobile backend. I chose that randomly. It said serverless so assumed there is one less thing. That kind of aligns to my principle of doing more with less. Let’s see. Oops it turns out I cannot do that because I don’t have iOS. The serverless option is only good for that operating system.

The tutorial is straight forward. There is the little nuisance of jumping from one page to another. My browser is set up to open it in a new tab whenever I click on a highlighted link.

I selected the android platform. There was a spark of joy when I saw java. Ok road block again. The deployment is for an already existing up. It is to cloud enable the app. I don’t have an app yet. I am building one from scratch. It is taking some time. This is real time learning and application. It helps if you are pair programming. Also, a bigger screen to look at multiple browsers would be ideal. This is where you get tested. can you comprehend quick and apply? Either way persistence pays off. Unfortunately, this did not happen in a quick New York minute. Let’s see if I can figure this thing out. I am on my second hour now.

It turns out I must download android studio. While researching that I logged into my google console. I realized that I have $300 in credit. I may use that to launch my app. But I still don’t know how this thing works completely. Android studio is a large file. The setup is taking forever. Android studio has not completely downloaded yet. Its been over two hours. I did set up the AWS backend. I named the app dragonroot. This is the first step.

I am back at it after an hour. I had to take the bus from Adams Morgan to Southeast DC where I live. The downloading finished at home. I was the only one on the network, so the downloading did not take long. Or it might just be that most of it was done when I left Tryst.

I started the Android app. The name is PaddlesUP. It is straight forward to set up the user interface. I just heard a new programming language. I remember hearing it when a couple of weeks ago at a job interview. I guess this was what he was talking about. According to Wikipedia Kotlin is a statistically typed programming language that runs on the java virtual machine and can be compiled to JavaScript source code.

So basically, there you have it. I don’t have a functional up yet. But I do have a working prototype. And currently the app is WIP (work in Progress).

Thanks for reading. Comment if you have any questions.